Publishing to npm

Now that we have a working, fast, and small wasm-game-of-life package, we can publish it to npm so other JavaScript developers can reuse it, if they ever need an off-the-shelf Game of Life implementation.


First, make sure you have an npm account.

Second, make sure you are logged into your account locally, by running this command:

wasm-pack login


Make sure that the wasm-game-of-life/pkg build is up to date by running wasm-pack inside the wasm-game-of-life directory:

wasm-pack build

Take a moment to check out the contents of wasm-game-of-life/pkg now, this is what we are publishing to npm in the next step!

When you're ready, run wasm-pack publish to upload the package to npm:

wasm-pack publish

That's all it takes to publish to npm!

...except other folks have also done this tutorial, and therefore the wasm-game-of-life name is taken on npm, and that last command probably didn't work.

Open up wasm-game-of-life/Cargo.toml and add your username to the end of the name to disambiguate the package in a unique way:

name = "wasm-game-of-life-my-username"

Then, rebuild and publish again:

wasm-pack build
wasm-pack publish

This time it should work!