Trait std::borrow::ToOwned1.0.0[][src]

pub trait ToOwned {
    type Owned: Borrow<Self>;
#[must_use = "cloning is often expensive and is not expected to have side effects"]
fn to_owned(&self) -> Self::Owned; fn clone_into(&self, target: &mut Self::Owned) { ... } }

A generalization of Clone to borrowed data.

Some types make it possible to go from borrowed to owned, usually by implementing the Clone trait. But Clone works only for going from &T to T. The ToOwned trait generalizes Clone to construct owned data from any borrow of a given type.

Associated Types

Required Methods

Creates owned data from borrowed data, usually by cloning.


Basic usage:

let s: &str = "a";
let ss: String = s.to_owned();

let v: &[i32] = &[1, 2];
let vv: Vec<i32> = v.to_owned();Run

Provided Methods

🔬 This is a nightly-only experimental API. (toowned_clone_into #41263)

recently added

Uses borrowed data to replace owned data, usually by cloning.

This is borrow-generalized version of Clone::clone_from.


Basic usage:

let mut s: String = String::new();
"hello".clone_into(&mut s);

let mut v: Vec<i32> = Vec::new();
[1, 2][..].clone_into(&mut v);Run