Enum std::sync::mpsc::RecvTimeoutError1.12.0[][src]

pub enum RecvTimeoutError {

This enumeration is the list of possible errors that made recv_timeout unable to return data when called. This can occur with both a channel and a sync_channel.


This channel is currently empty, but the Sender(s) have not yet disconnected, so data may yet become available.

The channel's sending half has become disconnected, and there will never be any more data received on it.

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq for RecvTimeoutError

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impl Eq for RecvTimeoutError

impl Clone for RecvTimeoutError

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impl Copy for RecvTimeoutError

impl Debug for RecvTimeoutError

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impl Display for RecvTimeoutError

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impl Error for RecvTimeoutError

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impl From<RecvError> for RecvTimeoutError

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for RecvTimeoutError

impl Sync for RecvTimeoutError