Enum std::num::FpCategory1.0.0[][src]

pub enum FpCategory {

A classification of floating point numbers.

This enum is used as the return type for f32::classify and f64::classify. See their documentation for more.


use std::num::FpCategory;
use std::f32;

let num = 12.4_f32;
let inf = f32::INFINITY;
let zero = 0f32;
let sub: f32 = 1.1754942e-38;
let nan = f32::NAN;

assert_eq!(num.classify(), FpCategory::Normal);
assert_eq!(inf.classify(), FpCategory::Infinite);
assert_eq!(zero.classify(), FpCategory::Zero);
assert_eq!(nan.classify(), FpCategory::Nan);
assert_eq!(sub.classify(), FpCategory::Subnormal);Run


"Not a Number", often obtained by dividing by zero.

Positive or negative infinity.

Positive or negative zero.

De-normalized floating point representation (less precise than Normal).

A regular floating point number.

Trait Implementations

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